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Gem & Stone Therapy- Crystal Course

I am delighted to welcome you to our Gem & Stone Therapy website and to introduce a unique crystal course. 

This website will provide you with the background to the therapy and other relevant information about Gem & Stone Therapy and where to access our training, our treatments and our teachers.

Arriving at this stage in my life has been a truly amazing journey.

What is Gem & Stone Therapy about?

G&ST is partly about bringing both the elements of crystals and stones together for the purpose of healing, involving the placement of both Basalt Stones and specific Crystals on the body.

The use of a crystal wand to encourage the healing process, helping to clear negative energies and absorb light and colour for client and the practitioner.

The treatment is carried out fully clothed, facing up on the plinth. 

Little or no touch is required with this therapy, resulting in a non-invasive treatment with an empowering and liberating effect on the client.

Sacred energies ( Angelic and Cosmic) are channelled by way of higher vibrational geometric codes.

These Angelic and Cosmic codes in G&ST training courses allow us to access a much higher dimensional frequency that works simultaneously, on all aspects of the body.


The Gem & Stone Therapy frequency was channelled and taught to me prior to the actual work on creating the training manuals, i.e., the physical manifestation.

The Angelic and Cosmic being, “Angel Celeste, the overseer for this healing process is a being from the higher Angelic realms.

Her vibrational frequency is loving and gentle (nurturing), her teachings are based on unconditional love. 

Her guidance and her wisdom is phenomenal.

The higher intelligence she brings, via the sacred codes helps to transform all that no longer serves our higher purpose and move us toward our full potential. 

I feel very honoured to have had this whole experience. However, it helped greatly that I had many years of Holistic and Counselling training and practise. 

It has become important for this year, '2019, that others will start working with G&ST and begin teaching it.

The G&ST frequency is profoundly loving and gentle, making it suitable for both children and adults.

The inclusion of Stones and Crystals helps us to go to a deeper to access the level of healing required. 

This allows us to feel the healing and grounding properties of the Crystals and Stones, creating a safety net around us and providing comfort and ease during a treatment. 

Suitable for both adults and Children.


I spent many wonderful years working as a holistic therapist/tutor and counsellor. The next step took me in the direction of developing a new CRYSTAL based therapy with Angelic and Cosmic frequencies along with the teachings that make up Gem & Stone Therapy.

It soon became apparent that I share these new teachings with others.


After an injury to my hand that was slow to heal presented me with the challenge that I could not use my hand to the full capacity as I did before the injury. 

I received so much clarity and guidance, leading me in the right direction, 'to a new energy system for healing.  'one that was waiting in the wings for a few years at least.

During a prayerful meditation, it became clear how I was to bring this new energy system to the physical plane.

The ever-presence of the Angels, 'in particular, Angel Celeste, comes through in a profoundly loving & gentle way.

She assists us with our innate ability to connect to our own, Having spent many years working as a holistic therapist and counsellor, the next step for me took me in the direction of teaching a new CRYSTAL based therapy with emphasis on the Angelic and Cosmic frequencies and teachings that make up Gem & Stone Therapy.

It soon became very clear that I share these new teachings with others.

In essence, G&ST came about partly by Divine intervention and my willingness to follow and bring a higher and more loving frequency through on the physical.

The vibration of G&ST is loving and gentle, bringing the essence of unconditional love to us at a whole new level. 

Reminding us where our true source comes from and without need for our egos to get in the way.


Edna 2002 -2018


Practitioner Ethics


All our trained Gem & Stone Therapists practise within the same professional code of ethics and guidelines which are available in the training. The G&ST training Manuals cover all the course work, both the theory and practical.

G&ST Certificates are authenticated with an original authorised seal. 

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