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Gem & Stone Therapy is an advanced crystal therapy that works on all levels of the body, simultaneously.

The levels we refer to are the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Soul levels.

G&ST carries the frequency of unconditional love and oneness, which is, in essence, an aspect of God and unity.

It offers us an expanded level of awareness, allowing us to feel protected and grounded while receiving a healing session at the time.

The inclusion of hot stones and specific crystals placed over the clothed body, along the energy pathways brings about increased energy and re-alignment.

The power behind Gem & Stone Therapy is amplified by the vibration and power of the crystals. 

G&ST not only works on the client but works on the therapist also and offers both therapist and client the opportunity to expand to a higher level of awareness/consciousness. 

This therapy is suitable for adults and children.

Introduction to Gem & Stone Therapy

  • Attend an information and demonstration event. 

Level 1 Practitioners Course

The techniques in level 1 includes;

The placement of specific crystals from your pack over the seven major chakras on the body.

The placement of heated stones over the Meridian lines on the body to help open the energy pathways to encourage blood circulation.

Includes the use of a crystal wand for clearing and re-balancing the chakras.

Level 1 works on the physical and emotional layers of the body by clearing physical and emotional blockages.

Level 1 teaches the student to re-connect with the healing properties of the crystals and stones and their healing properties.

The Level 1 Attunement helps re-align, re-structure and clear negative imprints in the auric field of the student.

The level 1 course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to give and receive a G&ST treatment. 

G&ST LEVEL 1 PACK  Included in course price

  • Seven Chakra Crystals
  • Crystal Wand
  • Illustrated Manual
  • Certificate

                  Cost 110 Euros

Level 2 Practitioners Course

The techniques in level 2 include;

Placement of the G&ST Crystal Mat and Cap over the seven major chakras on the body.

Placement of heated stones over the Meridian lines on the body to help open the energy pathways to encourage blood circulation.

Advanced Crystal wand techniques to aid further clearing and re-balancing.

Level 2 works on the spiritual and karmic layers of the body.

The second level course brings an expanded level of awareness of self and the universe.

Level 2 helps clear karmic imprints, realigning the student with their soul's purpose. 

The teachings in Level 2 include advanced crystal techniques to use on self and clients.

G&ST LEVEL 2 PACK is Included in course price

  • Illustrated Manual
  • Crystal Wand
  • Certificate
  • 20% off Crystal Mat & Crystal Cap

                  Cost 120

G&ST Teacher Level

The opportunity to teach Gem & Stone to others is a great gift to share. 

Crystal Products

Crystal Mat


To accommodate this new healing modality, two newly created products were uniquely designed and created to accompany Gem & Stone Therapy sessions. 

Both designs hold the crystals for each of the seven chakras on the body. 

The crystal chakra mat and crystal chakra cap can accommodate the placement of multiple crystals on the body.

This beautiful Crystal Mat and crystal Cap is available for students to buy on completion of the Level 2 Certificate.

Crystal Chakra Mat

Crystal Chakra Mat

Crystal Chakra Cap


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