We are delighted to welcome you to Gem & Stone Therapy and introduce a unique Crystal Healing Modality.
This website will provide you with the background to G&ST, and other relevant information about the therapy,
including access to
training, treatments and qualified teachers.


Founded by Edna Doherty in 2015 and includes three levels of training to complete an advanced, complementary, healing modality.

G&ST is a complimentary therapy, involving the placement of specific healing crystals and basalt stones to energy points on the body. The grounding properties of the Crystals and Stones, creates a safety net around the body, providing
comfort and ease during the treatment.
This enables the client to connect with their "higher self" and induce higher frequencies that induce healing.

The treatment is carried out fully clothed, facing up on the plinth.
Little or no touch is required with gem and stone therapy, resulting in a non-invasive treatment with an
empowering and liberating effect on the client.
The addition of a crystal wand is used, to encourage the healing process, helping to clear negative energies
and absorb light and colour during the treatment.

Sacred energies (angelic and cosmic) are channelled by way of the "G&ST, higher vibrational geometric codes".
The angelic and cosmic vibration in G&ST enables access higher dimensional frequencies that work
simultaneously, on all levels of the body. 
The higher intelligence channelled, via the sacred codes, helps to transform all that no longer serves the
higher self and purpose.

A non-invasive treatment that is suitable for both adults and children..

There are three levels available with a full day training class (one day for each level) with practise sessions
carried out at home to complete the training hours required before each level of training.

Each level of training involves a full day training class - one day for each level.

G&ST is for the person who is ready for something new!

"As soon as you lie down, you will experience your "inner healer" surface during this unique Crystal
and Stone treatment" " empowering thy true self"

G&ST is partly about bringing both the elements of crystals and stones together for the purpose of healing,
the placement of both Basalt Stones and specific Crystals on the body.

In 2015, the first step to bringing a new healing modality to fruition began.
The healing frequency was the first part of a two year process in completing the three levels of training.

There are three levels available with one day training (one day for each level) with practise sessions carried
out at home to complete the training hours required before moving to the next level up.

G&ST is available from practitioners nationally, with teachers throughout Ireland.