We are delighted to welcome you to Gem & Stone Therapy and introduce a self-empowering, Crystal Healing Modality. 

This website will provide you with relevant information about G&ST, including access to training, treatments and qualified teachers. 

Gem and stone therapy is an advanced healing modality that includes the placement of (9) healing crystals, (13) basalt stones, along with sacred angelic energies, providing a rich and nourishing treatment for adults and children. 

G&ST helps us connect to the Earth (Divine Mother Energy) and Heaven (Healing Angels), to work simultaneously with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

Developed by Edna Doherty, who embarked on holistic training and practices, beginning in 1996, includes three levels of training to complete an advanced, complementary, crystal healing modality. 

The development of Gem and Stone Therapy began in 2015 when Edna received the first attunement; "the sacred & core part of G&ST. The guidance channeled to her allows for the continual development of G&ST. 

G&ST helps us connect to the Earth (Divine Mother Energy) and Heaven (Healing Angels), to work simultaneously with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

G&ST brings us a "blue healing ray", brought through by Angel Celeste -"the guiding- angel responsible for the development and evolution of gem and stone therapy.                                                                                                                      The blue light-ray works by penetrating the cells of the client, re-structuring the cellular structure, and encouraging positive health.


Why? Gem & Stone Therapy 

The teachings state, the importance of bringing a healing modality that enables the client to feel empowered while feeling safe to heal. 

In the past, some clients were struggling to absorb the healing energies available and this caused them discomfort and self-doubt in their ability to heal.

It is also true that therapists were burning-out and feeling strained, and this was part of the guidance that materialised prior to the development of G&ST. 

The time has come for us, (the therapist) to get out of the way and allow the “healing process” to happen for the client.

However, this may not be true for all therapists or clients, though, it made sense to Edna and over the next few years, while treating clients with G&ST, since she observed that clients were able to heal deeper layers than in the past and G&ST provided them with the ability to do so.

About the Soul

Each person (soul) has within their energy field, sacred codes that activate (light up) when they are exposed to higher frequencies.

The sacred symbols and geometric codes used in G&ST provide the client with his/her innate ability to receive and activate their cellular structure and the natural ability to “heal” hence, the restoration of the cells.

During a G&ST treatment the client is aware of the healing energy around them, since little or no touch is involved, giving a feeling of empowerment, as often described in feed back from clients.

The client’s ability to heal and the gentle approach in G&ST helps to create a safe and loving space for the client to restore balance. 

There are three levels of training for anyone who chooses to go further to complete an advanced, complementary, crystal- healing modality.

Prerequisites; There are no prerequisites to G&ST.


Prior studies and knowledge of the seven major chakras and the energy field are of benefit for level 1, though, this is not compulsory as G&ST Level 1, teaches the basic knowledge on the 7 major chakras on the body, and includes basic knowledge on the energy field.

Gem & Stone Therapy is a healing process and the healer (the client) heals at their own pace.

Based on evidence from G&ST case studies, we found that after three sessions the client’s experience was more transformative as was the healing benefits.


"As soon as you lie down, you will experience your "inner healer" begin to surface during this unique Crystal and Stone treatment."