What is Gem & Stone Therapy?

Gem and stone therapy is an advanced crystal-healing modality that involves placing healing crystals and heated basalt stones on the body.

The G&ST frequency holds Angelic and Pleiadian frequencies. It aids the clients' ability to connect to a higher state of awareness and intelligence, allowing the body to simultaneously rebalance on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

G&ST brings together the Earth (Divine Mother Energy) and Heaven (Healing Angels).

The client's ability to heal and the G & S Therapy facilitator's gentle approach help create a safe space to dissolve old and unhealthy energies.

The soul has sacred codes within its energy field that activate (light up) when exposed to higher frequencies, such as the Gem & Stone therapy frequency.

The inclusion of stones and crystals enhances the client's ability to ground and anchor the healing energies.

Gem and stone therapy is suitable for adults and children.

Gem & Stone Therapy Treatment

A five-minute consultation is included before the treatment to meet the client's needs.

A Gem & Stone Therapy treatment is carried out fully clothed, face-up on the plinth, and is a stand-alone treatment.

Minimal touch is required during treatment since the G&S practitioner uses a gentle approach. This allows the client the space to merge with the gentle yet powerful healing energies.

A crystal wand encourages healing, "clearing negative energies while absorbing light simultaneously.

Sacred angelic energies are channelled by way of sacred healing symbols.

Healing crystals are placed over the chakras (energy points or pathways) on the body.

In addition to healing crystals and basalt stones, healing energies are channelled via sacred angelic healing codes.

Based on our findings in G&ST, case studies showed that clients' benefits were most transformative after three sessions, with improved health benefits than receiving one session.

Duration Approx.1hr.

Price Range €45- €60 (Depends on location)

DISCLAIMER: We do not claim to cure or heal but merely act as a complementary service to promote healing for our clients and students.